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What is Rolfing and Rolf Movement? 

  • Rolfing helps you in many ways from getting out of pain to obtaining effortless correct posture to making you feel and look lighter and younger. Rolfers also help your body perform better in sports by increasing muscle strength and flexibility. 

  • By working with the soft tissue Rolfing feels like Massage but your bones and joints re-align themselves so you get the benefits of a whole body adjustment.  Like a brush and canvas is to a painter; gravity is a Rolfers medium. We use gravity to restore correct posture, and restore your body's ability to heal itself. This is great for people who have a buildup of scar tissue.                                                   
  • Rolfing is a permanent change. After the initial ten sessions you are encouraged to listen to your body for when you want another session. You are not roped into coming back weekly, monthly or more frequently than you want. 
  • When your body is integrated you feel more vibrant, and lighter. You have more energy because you sleep better. The body knows hen the soft tissue; muscles, joints and bones are receiving support from the field of gravity. You will feel it too.  
What is Rolf Movement?
  • Deepen the awareness of your body like no other bodywork modality available today. In a Rolf Movement session you will learn how to sense and feel your body at a depth beyond your imagination.                                                
  • You will gain coordination that will become a new ideal movement habit. Your body will choose this new way to move.     
  • You will gain awareness of the actions that you developed from the crawling stage that have misaligned and prematurely aged you.                                                                                                            
  • You will teach yourself how to fully heal from any injury you sustained in your past that has negatively effected you.                 
  • If you are looking to have a complete transformation with your body, meaning; how you view it, how it is working for you, how it is limiting you; Rolf Movement is your answer. 

Rolfing feels like deep tissue massage, ART or Myofascial Release. The difference is in the lasting change......

“Practitioners of SI do not feel ourselves to be therapists.  The gravitational field is the therapist.  What we do is prepare the body to receive the support from the gravitational field which gives a greater sense of well being.”  –Ida Rolf … there is an ongoing psychological change as well toward balance, toward serenity, toward a more whole person.  The whole person evidences a more apparent, more potent psychic development.”

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